Price lists for specific bricklaying projects are subject to change for a lot of reasons. Your location and size of project are probably the most likely to take effect. However, there are rough estimates that are important to consider before taking your project from planning, to construction.


The rate for bricklayers can depend on the skills held by the individual. As well as this, how complex the job and/or area is can affect the price. In saying that, the estimated rate for a highly skilled worker can be between £140-£200 per day. Compared to a semi-skilled worker who can earn between £100-£150 per day. Therefore, the going rate for a bricklaying gang of three can be between £450-£600 per day. Whilst that sounds feasible, you must remember to factor in the long days that bricklayers must work in order to make progress. An hourly rate will depend on this. As you can imagine, it is not a cheap investment to make. However, you pay for the quality of workmanship.

Materials and Aids:

Again, the price or materials can vary. This depends on the quality or the brand in which you choose. Also, the size of your project will determine whether you need some of the more complex aids. However, this guide below should provide you with a useful insight regardless:

  • £400-£700 – Cost of quality facing bricks per 1,000 units
  • £85-£95 per cubic metre – Cost of ready-mix concreate (Depending on strength)
  • £70 per week – Diesel-operated mixer (Fuel may cost extra)
  • £200 – Eight cubic yard skip
  • £60-£130 per day – Excavator (Depending on size. Fuel and delivery may cost extra)
  • £300+ – Lorry to clear skip

Disclaimer: These prices are an estimate. Therefore they should not be taken literally or as an assumption if you are looking to hire, or become a bricklayer.

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