bricklaying jobs in bristol

Within the UK, there has been a shortage of skilled construction workers for quite some time. This shortage has created delays in the building process.

But what is the reason for this shortage?

It appears there will be a continued struggle with increasing the number of bricklayers as well as other construction workers. This is because companies do not have the initiative to train their new workers. This indolent attitude won’t benefit them in the long run as they need as many new people as they can. This shortage could impact at least 27,000 projects until 2019. With the increase of immigration and the population, these houses need to be built efficiently, to a high standard.

Although wages have risen in this industry, it appears not to be enough to grab the attention of new workers. This makes it more difficult as some current workers are nearing retirement. Nor does it help that young people do not seem to place value on construction as a career. As a result of this, there are not as many young people who are skilled in this area. These shortages will hit developments in the South West, for example, the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. A decrease of workers won’t help other construction projects as many builders will be helping with the nuclear plant.

Doing bricklaying courses only does so much, these individuals need to be out doing the work, increasing their experience. Skills held within the industry are beneficial. The allows interested people to talk to employers and build their contacts, which in turn will boost their recognition as a bricklayer.

On a more positive note, the STEM community is working on changing younger people’s perspectives of the engineering industry.  The STEM community are introducing new initiatives so there will be more interest in science and engineering. As well as that, the Government has invested over 1 billion pounds in training and apprenticeship schemes. However, it’s up to the construction industry to help young people become more interested in pursuing that career.

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