Potential 1,500 homes to be built within South Gloucestershire

And it could bring in 100m

There are plans being discussed for the council to develop land, in preparation for new housing. This would result in the decrease of waiting lists, and currently homeless individuals within the South Gloucestershire area. They have estimated a profit of £100 million. As a result, the idea of people buying, renting, or even building their own housing, could be restored. Add on the fact that each home could bring close to £70,000 in profit. You have a very interesting possibility for all involved.

Existing Patchway new builds. Image: Rightmove.

During an interview, the Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge representative had something to say on the topic. He stated that “Recent investigations into our own land stock have revealed that we have room for a potential of around 1,5200 homes on land which we already own,” This could suggest that this is just the beginning. He then went on to show his belief in the potential of this project by commenting on the possible large profit.

Cllr Hopkinson also made a point of commenting on the issues that South Gloucestershire is facing. This includes “We…have at any one time around 100 families living in emergency accommodation.” Which results in “…many children [being] separated from their friends and [having] long journeys to their schools or education.” As well as causing problems for adults when “getting to their employment.”

Hopkinson suggests that he firmly believes that this property investment, led by the council, will help counteract these issues. Whilst council papers state that it would cost between £750,000 and £1 million to set up the housing company. The suggested profit and benefits to the local people would make this project worthwhile.

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