There are many bricklayers to choose from all over the country. However, a good bricklayer can be hard to come by.

Here are some contributing factors and attributes to look out for or conform to as a good bricklayer:


Firstly, efficiency is key as well as making sure the job is done to a good standard. The job requires bricklayers to have excellent hand movement and eye movement. This coordination proves to be an advantage in this field and results in the task being completed efficiently. They generally prefer a more hands-on approach such as construction. They are engaged in work with their hands and can see and touch what they create. Over all, bricklaying is a satisfying and highly practical form of work. This is a skill that can be developed over time, through practice and experience.

Some projects do require bricklayers to work at a height. Therefore a good bricklayer won’t have a fear of heights. As well as this, many projects are set outside therefore workers are expected to prepare for harsh weather conditions.

The ability to read plans and have a technical ability to understand a projects importance is another key factor. It is also important to correctly follow a job through until it is completed.

Being a good bricklayer consists of attitude and attendance. Turning up to work on time feeling eager and ready to dedicate their time also shows a good worker.

Working as part of a team and being able to share tasks is a great aspect of working in a bricklaying gang. It feels good when a satisfying result is achieved. Good productivity comes from great team work, but there are times when bricklayers need to confidently work independently. A good bricklayer can work with others as well as on their own.

It is also important to be physically fit. Heavy lifting is regularly involved which can become dangerous if not done properly. It’s essential for a bricklayer to make sure that safety procedures are followed.

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