Grand opening of Leicestershire brick factory

Already stands as the most efficient brick factory in the world
Ibstock's new £55 million brick factory (Image: Leicestermercury)

This brand new brick factory officially opened last week by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire. In his company stood North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen. The factory claims it has the ability to make 100 million bricks per year. As a result of this, available housing is set to rise. Due to the rise in materials. Also on the rise are job opportunities in and around the building.

Secretary of State for Communities Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, CEO of Ibstock PLC, Joe Hudson and Andrew Bridgen MP at the opening of Ibstock Brick Eclipse Factory (Image: Alistair Langham - The Studio 17)

“Ibstock is famous for bricks and has been for 200 years.” Therefore this brick factory aims to continue this legacy by guaranteeing the production of bricks “for at least 35 years.”

Since it stands at the size of six football pitches, the amount of facilities on site is impressive. Independent buildings hold the brick manufacturing and processing stations, clay processing stations and a packaging area. Also, the brick factory contains a second stockyard to store manufactured bricks. As well as a designated area for HGV sheeting and parking.

More over, it plans to operate in a self-contained and eco-friendly manner. For example, clay will be transported via a conveyor belt from the on-site quarry into the preparation and manufacturing facility. Therefore, transportation is reduced. Also, recycling water will take place where possible. Especially during manufacturing. Lastly, energy consumption and gas emissions will be notably lower per year, compared to other existing brick factories.

The brick factory plans to provide 50 jobs. This is regardless of the fact that “it has the latest robotic technology.” Mr Bridgen went on to state that the positions will include “good engineering jobs, mostly in maintaining the machinery.” Therefore it caters for a niche amount of people. On the other hand, it is exciting for those who qualify.




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