There are many on-site hazards to look out for when bricklaying. Therefore, health and safety is introduced to help bricklayers and other workers avoid them.

Powered tools

Electric tools such as angle grinders, brick saws and electric mixers can cause hazards for bricklayers. Some serious injuries result in amputation or lacerations. By providing safety advice and the correct training, accidents can be avoided.


On many sites where bricklaying is involved, height can be an issue. There are dangers, such as falling from tall buildings or the collapsing of a building. To prevent these things, the manager must assess the dangers of the project before any of the work is begun.

Large Machinery

Additionally large machinery in construction can cause hazards as they are loud. If there is too much exposure to noise from such machinery it can cause hearing problems or hearing loss. This problem can be avoided by wearing the correct head gear when needed on-site.

The health and safety of workers should be taken seriously as many injuries can occur whilst bricklaying. A good company makes sure all of its workers are safe and in good health before starting a project.


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