Due to the many advantages bricks provide they are the main material used in construction. Brick construction has a high popularity with clients which benefits bricklayers.  Here are some examples of why bricks are popular in construction.


Bricks have a very high level of strength. Because of this, it means that before they begin to fracture, they can withstand a very heavy amount of weight. Bricks are also extremely durable. This is beneficial for clients as it suggests that they have a long life span.


When it comes to regulating the temperature and humidity inside a property, bricks are a good material to use. This is because bricks can release and reabsorb moisture. Bricks also offer the best noise absorption between rooms.


When bricks are prepared and laid properly they can give a fire protection max rating of 6 hours. This is a huge benefit for using bricks as the material to build a property, as it makes sure that workers/family members are safe inside the building. On the contrary, a fire within said building would be contained for a short while, providing time for workers and family members to leave the premises safely. As well as this, bricks are more resistant to the cold and wet weather conditions, therefore, the construction of buildings in harsher climate areas was easier.

Variety of Colour and Texture

If aesthetic is an important part of the process when building a property, you’re in luck. Bricks come in a wide range of eye-catching and natural colours as well as textures. This means that these different types of colours and textures can be added into almost every design.


Bricks can help regulate the temperature inside a property whilst other materials cannot. This is due the fact that bricks can show above the normal rating for thermal insulation. They can do this since they slowly absorb and release heat where necessary. Compared to other materials such as wood, bricks can save more than 30% of available energy.

Hopefully this has given you an insight as to why bricks are more beneficial than other materials. You might even consider using bricks for your future projects.

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